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Juls grew up around animals on her grandma’s ranch in Salinas, California. After moving to Southern California to pursue her higher education, she settled in Los Angeles where she founded several successful businesses that embraced a broad holistic healthcare philosophy.

In 2011, she founded Awake and Living, a non- profit blog about healthy living and self-awareness. She continues to volunteer and support many charitable organizations. 


 Russell, Los Angeles age 7, real age unknown,  probably 9, was pulled out of a kill shelter in Orange County. While returning a Blockbuster movie, Juls found Russell at a rescue "popup" event in front of a D.O.G. Pet Boutique on La Cienega . She saw a depressed, frightened, undernourished dog who looked like his soul was broken and was on his last leg of life. 

Juls fell for him instantly and signed the adoption papers. They both nurtured each others souls with love, gratitude and lots of lessons on patience. With time, a lot of patience and putting their heads together, ZuGoPet was created. 

The truth is, they really rescued each other.


cute and dogs

 The below video was used for ZuGo's Kickstarter video. Watch Juls and Russell's story below.



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