Hello fellow pet lovers!

Thank you for checking out my passion project, ZuGoPet. Before my husband, my best friend and closest attachment was my rescue dog, Russell. We traveled everywhere together! He loved long walks in the park, treats, and to burry underneath the covers of the bed and keep my feet warm. Russell suffered from severe separation anxiety and motion sickness in the car.


His condition drove my desire to create multifunctional pet product that can help ease his disorders and serve as a useful product! My sweet Russel, “The Love Muscle” passed April 2018.

2018 I got married, adopted an abandoned pup whom we named Willow, and recently gave birth to a little girl, Sage, 7lbs 10 ounces 21 inches January 15th 2019. We seem to have an ever expanding family and always make room for more!

Baby Sage

I would love to take the opportunity to express my love and gratitude for everyone’s shared passion for pet safety.

We have dedicated our life to inventing new innovative, multi-functional, fashionable and convenient safety pet products that you and your pet can rely on. 

One of our famous products, The Rocketeer Pack has been endorsed by one of the country’s leading small animal Spinal Surgeons, veterinarians, and passed two different crash simulation tests, walking away with a perfect 5 star endorsement by Center For Pet Safety. (CPS).

Dog Car Seat Harness

We are so thankful by your support, people like you who consider their pets’ safety is as important as our own.  

Warmest Regards,

Juls Bindi CEO and Founder of ZuGoPet

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