Juls grew up around animals on her grandma’s ranch in Salinas, California. After moving to Southern California to pursue her higher education, she settled in Los Angeles where she founded several successful businesses that embraced a broad holistic healthcare philosophy.

In 2011, she founded Awake and Living, a non- profit blog about healthy living and self-awareness. Has lived the vegan lifestyle for over 4 years and she continues to volunteer and support many charitable organizations. 



Hello fellow pet lovers! 

My name is Juls Bindi founder of ZuGoPet. 

I would love to take the opportunity to express my love and gratitude for everyone’s shared passion for pet safety. 

When my now business partner first reached out to me all I knew was that she had a product that had passed the Center for Pet Safety crash test. I knew that passing this test was one of the most rigorous tests on the market because it was new testing technology designed to prove crash worthiness for our pets like we use for children in car seats. 
She explained to me that she never intended to develop a product, was just trying to find a safe option for her dog which had both hip and knee injuries. This lead to surgeries preventing her hind leg unable to fully extend.  

She explained none of the carriers on the market worked for her two dogs conditions.  
My partner Carolyn was in a severe car accident experiencing first-hand the impact of flying objects in the car using pet car seat restraints which were thought to be secure. She had settled on a booster at one point so her little dogs could see out the window. 
When the accident happened both dogs flew out from the booster and came to the end of the tether and was jerked backwards into the booster top support structure and were dangling in mid-air clearly shaken. The car wasn’t going more than 20 miles an hour coming towards a stop sign. 

Knowing that if she had them in a regular collar they certainly would have broken their necks. Her search continued to keep the dogs safe in something like the proven child car seat which was completely contained to avoid projection.
During her research she reached out to the Center for Pet Safety where she was advised to look at the videos and how the connections fail. Going to pet stores and physically inspecting each item that actually looked very strong but had failed miserably in the test, she began her search in hardware.  

She researched thread which is not available to purchase unless you are in the auto industry, break strengths on every piece of medal, fabric and thread making sure it was of UV protected to avoid sun rot.

After making several hundred prototypes trying each one on her dog with the injury for comfort and making one change at a time over the course of seven years. Throughout the process Veterinarians reviewed The Rocketeer Pack for pet safety checks. We have had many working veterinarians and retired veterinarian approve the design with one saying that he would jump out of an airplane with it being impressed with the quality.  
The Rocketeer Pack has been endorsed by one of the country’s leading small animal Spinal Surgeons. That letter can be found on our website. 

Dr. Marty Becker who is called “Americas Vet” reviewed it, ordered one after he put his personal pet in the pack prototypes. 

It has been reviewed by two Veterinarian Neurologists and Orthopedic Veterinarians, but due to facility contracts were unable to write a review but were completely supportive and loved the product. 

We have had a veterinarian reach out for her dog after she saw the crash test results posted on Center for Pet Safety website. A Veterinarian Hospital has reached out to sell them at their facility as well.  

We are so thankful we are supported by many like you who consider their pets’ safety is as important as we do.  
We hope that others will realize the ills that can come from an unrestraint pet that is in a product that just “LOOKS” safe.

The test results speak for themselves. We hope soon other pet owners will be come enlightened other passengers in the car can be injured by the dog if not in proper restraints.

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your passion for safety along with us here at ZuGoPet. We are two dog moms who have together invested over 14 years of research to bring you safe, comfortable and fashionable products for you and your pet. 
Thank you from our team for your support.

Juls Bindi




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