Measure from neck, at dog collar, to the start of tailbone.
  • Extra Small - 9" to 10.99" inches (22-28cm)
  • Small - 11" to 12.99" inches (28-33cm)
  • Medium - 13" to 14.99" inches (33-38cm)
  • Large - 15" to 16.99" inches (38-43cm)
  • Extra Large - 17 to 19" inches (43-48cm)
*Certified for pets 25lbs (11.35Kg) and under


The Rocketeer Pack Instructions
The below pages come with The Rocketeer Pack. To print in advance. CLICK HERE
Is The Rocketeer Pack right for your dog?
Measure your dog from head to behind. Once you get the correct size, match up with our sizing chart.
Check your car for baby car seat connectors
The Rocketeer Pack requires baby car seat connections to install correctly. Please check your car's owner manual to find these connectors. Not all cars have these hookups. Please verify before purchasing.
How to use the front/backpack straps
Move the faux fur covers towards the D rings connections. Use these covers for extra cushion or use the faux fur covers to place over the flat hooks once connected to The Rocketeer Pack. This will prevent any disconnection of the front pack.

ZuGoPet's Car Accident Program

We will replace The Rocketeer Pack damaged in an auto crash
We do not advise to reuse The Rocketeer Pack or any other safety rated product that was in a car accident. Always get your car seat replaced immediately after a car accident.
For The Rocketeer Pack replacement seat details:
  • Email accident details - What happened?
  • Police report of accident
  • Photos of all damaged vehicles
  • Insurance claim
  • Proof of purchase
  • Photo of your dog with pet info (name, age, weight, etc.)
Long Back?
Yes, Dachshunds too!
Finally a product that is made for Dachshunds! Long backs no problem!
Fluffy and Cuddly?
Lot of fur and skinny!
Can be adjusted to your pets size. Make sure you measure your pet's back.
Full of energy? 
The Rocketeer Pack helps with hyper dogs and helps with relaxation.
Tiny and needy?
Wants to be held at all times.
 Since dogs can see out the window they are calmer.  Unidentifiable noises that often cause small dogs to be fearful are not usually noticed at all.
Little and whiney? 
Too small for other products exception of this one.
Good for toy dogs that have a difficult time going into other safety rated products.
Separation anxiety?
Needs to be by your side at all times.
The Rocketeer Pack's unique design allows your dog to see you at all times and be entertained while looking out the window.  

If you've asked you self these questions... How do I keep my dog safe in the car? What's the safest pet car seat? Is there a car seat for small dogs? Small dogs need protection too! We love your dogs as much as you do and want to see your dogs safe and protected in case of a car accident. The Rocketeer Pack has been passed and certified with 5 stars for 25 pounds through Center For Pet Safety. Please visit Center For Pet Safety and search ZuGoPet for more information about these rigorous tests. 

Small dogs get tossed around in the car with sudden movements and can get injured easily. With The Rocketeer Pack you can insure that your dog will be as safe as you are in the car.


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