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Do you ship internationally? 

We do ship internationally. Extra shipping costs may be applied depending on shipping destination.


Will my dog like being in The Rocketeer Pack?

10% of dogs whine for the first 1-2 weeks when getting used to The Rocketeer Pack. Just as a baby might cry the first time you position him in a car seat, your dog may whine the first time she is secured in The Rocketeer Pack. As a parent, for safety reasons you would not take your child out of his car seat while driving even if he were crying. The same should apply with your dog in The Rocketeer Pack. Your dog will learn to love it and will want to be secured in the pack for every ride in your vehicle. Many dogs actually fall asleep after being in the pack for 30 minutes. Keeping your dog secured in The Rocketeer Pack while driving will ensure both your and your pet’s safety. 

How long can you keep your dog in The Rocketeer Pack?

Doctors have suggested that your dog be secured in The Rocketeer Pack position for a maximum of 60-90 minutes at a time.  For rides lasting longer than 60-90 minutes, it is a good idea to take your dog on a 15-20 minute walking, potty, and water break. Dogs tend to get dehydrated on road trips. Specialists suggest breaks at these intervals for your dog’s well being, regardless of whether or not you’re traveling with The Rocketeer Pack. Every dog is different and should never be left alone in The Rocketeer Pack. You should always keep a watch on your dog while traveling, and never leave your dog in the car alone.  

Is this bad for dogs' backs? 

We had The Rocketeer Pack studied by multiple veterinarians, doctors and spinal surgeons. All concluded that dogs are ok in this position for 60-90 minute stretches. Physical therapists place dogs in this position as a regular practice. This is the safest way to travel with your dog.

Is this animal abuse?

No, we believe not placing your pets in proper safety-passed equipment is animal abuse. The Rocketeer Pack has been closely studied and monitored for over 7 years under the advisory of veterinarians, spinal surgeons and other medical professionals. Feedback given by Center For Pet Safety through their vigorous crash simulation tests.

Why should we use The Rocketeer Pack over other car seats on the market?

Most brands have failed the Center For Pet Safety's car crash simulation test. Studies have shown that clips and harnesses have broken off and struck passengers, causing injuries and deaths to both dogs and people. When a dog is not secured in a vehicle, the G-Force of its body weight becomes very dangerous to vehicle occupants in a collision. For example, in the case of an unsecured 25 pound dog either loose in a car or clipped into a car seat harness involved in a 30 mile per hour vehicle crash, up to 1,150 pounds of projectile body weight could collide with occupants inside the vehicle. This is why most car pet safety seats have failed. They have not been properly engineered to restrain pets and protect them and vehicle occupants from this force. In the event of a collision, The Rocketeer Pack is designed to keep your dog secured and stable. If a car accident does happen, you will be prepared.

Is this OK for dogs with spinal, joint, arthritis or hip issues?

For dogs with a medical condition, please consult your Veterinarian prior to use. This product was designed for dogs with hip and knee issues, with comfort and safety in mind. It has been reviewed by Veterinarians every step of the process, endorsed by one of the top small animal Spinal Surgeons and reviewed by Neurologists. Two Veterinarians ordered The Rocketeer Pack for their personal pets upon reviewing it. Small dog rehabilitation centers around the world have also asked to distribute The Rocketeer Pack to their clients.

Why isn't the dog’s bottom resting on the seat cushion? 

By design, a properly sized Rocketeer Pack secures your dog in a position which suspends your dog’s bottom above the seat cushion.  This is critical for your dog’s safety.   Due to vehicle seat configurations, The Rocketeer Pack is designed only for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds. Larger dogs would not fit properly in A Rocketeer Pack in this suspended position.

Why isn't this made for larger dogs?

Unfortunately, The Rocketeer Pack is currently not available for dogs weighing more than 25 pounds.  This is due to vehicle seat configurations which would not allow for your larger dog’s bottom to be properly suspended above the seat cushion in Rocketeer Pack, an important requirement for your dog’s safety.


What is the Jetsetter measurements?

It weighs in at 4 pounds and is 16 inches long, 10 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide.

Is the Jetsetter crash tested?

No, the Jetsetter is not a safety product. It is designed only to be used as a distraction tether. We understand that The Rocketeer Pack is not for all dog parents. If you decide to use the Jetsetter as a car seat, we cannot guarantee your pet's survival in an accident.

Whats the difference between the v1 and v2?

V1 means version 1 and V2 version 2. In the V2, the exterior material is different, the inside pillow is less flexible and more stiff. There is a snap under the bag for the side zip downs. We removed some small D ring tie options and added the side zippers for the airplane carryon luggage option. We also removed the metal side ZuGoPet logo and replaced it with a beautiful stitched logo that blends in with the bag. We wanted the Jetsetter to look more like a regular purse for those who use it for their everyday carryall, and improved the design with more durable exterior material.


What is the "Buy a bag, save a life" program?

This program was designed to help save shelter animals from being euthanized. ZuGoPet will donate no less than $1 from each product sold to affiliated charities. The charities in the program must see that all donations from ZuGoPet go directly to helping an animal in need. Visit for a list of the affiliated non-profit organizations. 


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