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   ZuGoPet pitches their business to 5 Sharks and encourages pet owners to protect their pet while traveling at home or abroad with this tested and approved pet car seat harness. Airs on January 27th.



Jan 27, 2019 – ZuGoPet, Will appear on Shark Tank, ABC 8PM CTS. Entrepreneurs Juls Bindi and Carolyn Shewfelt walks on set fearlessly to pitch ZuGoPet in front of 5 business moguls. The Rocketeer Pack is currently one of the most viral video’s to hit social media accumulating over 1 billion views in under 7 months. They patented the first crash tested multifunctional car seat harness for pets 25 pounds and under that incorporates a front/backpack. The concept has been crash tested by two facilities with perfect scores; also, certified having passed Center For Pet Safety’s tests with perfect scores. “ZuGoPet’s innovative design for small dogs converts from a travel harness to a wearable pack. It is unlike anything we have seen before in pet travel,” states Lindsey Wolko, Center for Pet Safety founder.


This unique patented multifunctional design, car seat harness backpack, sets ZuGoPet apart from any other product on the market. Their launch started on November 24th 2018 when an online media company, Insider Pets, discovered their products. Insider Pets released the viral video which currently has over 116 million views and 2.1 million shares. This design is The Rocketeer Pack.


A small animal spinal surgeon, Dr. Joseph Harari, who has reviewed the design specifically for spine and joint health, states “This is a useful device for any pet owner traveling in a car with their small dog. If used properly it will limit excessive motion and potential harm to the dog during sudden stopping, starting and swerving maneuvers. Furthermore, it appears to me that dogs can rest adequately and safely within the harness and not deleteriously affect their spine or extremities, including joints.”


America’s veterinarian, Marty Becker, author of 22 books, three New York Times best-sellers saw the design and with his dog's safety in mind, requested The Rocketeer Pack for his own dogs.   


Studies show a ten pound dog that is not restrained can generate 500 pounds of force in a 50 mph crash. In another study 90% of drivers questioned admitted to being distracted by their pets or engaging with their pets at least once while driving on the road. Research by the Center of Pet Safety has shown many pet safety items on the market have failed car crash simulation tests giving owners a false sense of protection for their pets.


CEO and Founder of ZuGoPet, Juls Bindi, spent more than five years researching safety products to find a product that would ensure pet safety in the car. Her successful ZuGoPet Kickstarter campaign came to the attention of another woman, Carolyn Shewfelt. She reached out to Ms. Bindi to join forces with the sole mission of protecting pets while travelling in the car. Ms. Bindi states “After meeting Carolyn I knew she would be the perfect partner since we both have the same passion for pet safety. I wanted to do everything in my power to bring this innovative product to market.” The Rocketeer Pack was designed specifically around Ms. Shewfelt’s dog who has severe hip and joint issues. "Juls saw my vision and believes in this safety car seat as much as I do,” recalls Carolyn Shewfelt.


The ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack is designed to help dogs feel comfortable, secure and happy while providing superior safety. Its multifunctional uses make traveling with your pet convenient. For more information visit


About ZuGoPet

ZuGoPet is based in Austin TX, dedicated to help animals everywhere. The founder and CEO, Juls Bindi, is an advocate of animal welfare and developed the “Buy a Bag, Save a Life” Campaign, with the brand committing portions of every sale of any product to non-profits across the country.  The ZuGoPet offers a variety of luxury carriers that are designed to make dogs feel comfortable, secure and happy while providing a stylish carryall for owners. The collection includes an airline compliant designer carrier that is also used as a car seat distraction tether with hands free walking leash attachments. Available, too, is the Rocketeer Pack safety car seat and front/backpack, harnesses and blankets. To learn more about ZuGoPet and to pre-order a Rocketeer Pack of your own visit




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