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The Rocketeer Pack - Multifunctional Harness

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The Rocketeer Pack is a patented dog harness used in the car as a dog seat belt & will give your dog the best chance of survival if a car accident were to occur. Pet safety in the car is important not just for our dogs, but for the whole family traveling in the car. The Rocketeer Pack is specifically designed for small dogs 25 lbs & under. 

CPS (Center For Pet Safety) tested our dog car harness for 25 lbs & passed with perfect scores. Other companies who are not certified by CPS will most likely not protect your dog in a car accident. 

ZuGoPet designed The Rocketeer Pack to protect your dog in case of an accident. The multifunctional dog harness works as a backpack as well! When you're using the car harness as a dog seat belt you can have a dog backpack or front pack for your convenience. 

    5 Star Veterinarian Review Below

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    Dog car harness
    dog car seat
    Multiple Sizes
    To measure your dog, start from the collar (where your put your dog leash) to the start of tailbone. Certified for pets 25lbs (11.35Kg) and under.
    • Extra Small - Collar to Tailbone - 9 to 10.99" inches (227-279mm)
    • Small - Collar to Tailbone - 11" to 12.99" inches (280-329mm)
    • Medium - Collar to Tailbone - 13" to 14.99" inches (330-380mm)
    • Large - Collar to Tailbone - 15" to 16.99" inches (381-431mm)
    • Extra Large - Collar to Tailbone - 17 to 19" inches (432-482mm)
    Pick your size
    After you have your measurement pick out The Rocketeer Pack that works for your pup.
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    The Rocketeer Pack is a patented dog harness for pets 25 lbs and under. Designed to protect your dog and family in case of an accident. Pets love their new sense of security and visibility of their surroundings. Give your loved one the safety they deserve!
    25 lbs Certified by Center For Pet Safety
    “ZuGoPet’s innovative design for small dogs converts from a travel harness to a wearable pack and unlike anything we have seen before in pet travel." stated Lindsey Wolko, Center for Pet Safety founder
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    25 lbs Certified - 5 Stars, 100% Pass Rate!
    The Rocketeer Pack Crash Tested by Two Different Facilities with Perfect Scores!
    safe dog car seat
    dog car seat
    car seat for dogs
    Veterinarian Surgical Specialist Approved:
    "This is a useful device for any pet owner traveling in a car with their small dog because if used properly and comfortably, it will limit excessive motion and potential harm to the dog during sudden stopping, starting and swerving maneuvers. Furthermore, it appears to me that dogs can rest adequately and safely within the harness and not deleteriously affect their spine of extremities, including joints." - Josheph Harari, MS, DVM, DACVS
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    pet car seat
    Veterinarian Approval
    The Rocketeer Pack has been observed by leading Veterinarians to ensure your dog is safe & secure in the car while traveling.
    Center For Pet Safety
    Crash Test Video
    The Rocketeer Pack is 1 of 4 Pet Brands Certified by Center For Pet Safety.
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    dog backpack
    Free FrontPack / BackPack Attachments Included
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    dog car seat
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    Give your loved one the safety they deserve!

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    What's Included in the Box:
    • Velcro Harness
    • Car Seat, Frontpack & Backpack
    • Backpack / Frontpack Straps
    • Child Anchors for Rocketeer Pack
    • Headrest strap
    Check your car for baby car seat connectors
    The Rocketeer Pack requires baby car seat connections to install correctly. Please check your car's owner manual to find these connectors. Not all cars have these hookups. Please verify before purchasing.
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    car seat for dogs
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