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Jetsetter - Premium Car Seat & Airport Compliant Pet Carrier (Black, White, Grey & Pink)

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The Jetsetter dog car seat and pet carrier is the best all in one small dog pet carrier you will ever need for your pet. Our one of a kind pet carrier is a dog car seat, hands free walking leash, has an interior detachable dog walking leash that secures your dog inside the dog purse, dog bed for small dogs or cats, airline approved carrier for small dogs, high fashion designer pet bag, and is vegan friendly.

This is the only small dog carrier that also works as a dog car seat that goes directly in between the front driver car seat and the passenger car seat. If your small dog has motion sickness or anxiety, this dog car seat has shown to help your small dog with these issues.

The Jetsetter is an airplane compliment dog carrier, has a dog leash that comes with the pet carrier, which is also used as a pet safety belt so your dog doesn't jump out of the dog bag. You can also use the two pockets inside the dog purse for cooling and heating pads (not included) to control your dogs temperature while traveling. 

This is the first pet carrier to have all these functions in 1 product to safely secure your pet in the car so you're not distracted by your pet while driving.


If you have a dog larger than 15 inches you can still use the Jetsetter as a car seat (Using the Jetsetter as a dog car seat, please note this has not been crash tested for pet safety. If you're interested in pet safety and a proper dog seat belt or car harness for your dog please check out The Rocketeer Pack which has been crash tested by Center for Pet Safety with a 25 lbs dog with perfect scores) Your small dog will not be comfortable using this as an airline compliant carrier. We are planing on designing a larger dog bag up to 20 inches very soon. Please sign up on our website to stay in touch. THANK  YOU!

The Jetsetter dog carrier is  10" wide x 9" tall, 16" long

Premium Airplane Compliant Pet Travel Carrier
small dog car seat
The ZuGoPet bag is only used as a distraction tether. It has not been crash tested and is only use in the car to help with distractions in the car.
7 Products in 1!
  • Premium Designer Handbag
  • Five pockets for your belongings
  • Airline Compliant Carrier
  • Dog Car Seat
  • Dog Bed
  • Hands Free Dog Leash
  • Luggage Attachment
  • Interior Safety Strap
  • Long Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • High Quality Double Zippers
  • Heating & Cooling Compartments
How to Use Video:
dog car seat
Designer Handbag Pet Car Seat
The specially designed Jetsetter straps between the two front car seats so your pet can lay comfortably near you. Attach the Interior Safety Strap to the pets harness so they can stay comfortably inside the bag without distracting the driver. The Jetsetter eases your pets anxiety so they can sleep. They get a great view around the cabin from a central spot in the car. The Jetsetter resides several inches above the center console so you can continue to use it as normal. Patent pending design keeps the bag from folding while hanging between the two front car seats.
dog carrier
Airplane Compliant
Car, Train or Plane -- The Jetsetter is specifically designed so you can travel on any airline whether it's domestic or international. The Jetsetter has three separate double zipper openings with easy to zip, double mesh doors. If your dog wants more privacy or gets frightened easily while traveling simply zip up the two mesh sides allowing air to flow into the bag.
dog carrier
Premium Plush Interior
  • Three Openings with Mesh
  • Water proof Interior
  • Two Extra Long Interior Pockets for heating and cooling units
  • Removable & washable faux fur (imported from France)
small dog car seat
Side Pocket
Eight pockets - easily store your phone, passport, wallet and more! 
small dog car seat
Luggage Handle Zippers
Jetsetter slides on a standard luggage handle, tote your loved one around the airport with ease!

dog carrier
Jetsetter Features:
  • Stylish Premium Vegan Faux Leather
  • Ultrasoft Flexible Washable Pillow - Your dog will feel comfortable and relaxed while feeling cradled in this plush carrier. No more anxiety while traveling.
  • Interior safety strap, that makes sure your dog stays in the bag at all times.
  • Handsfree walking leash with 2 clips - Easily clip your dog onto a fence or any stationary object.
Buy A Bag, Save a Life
ZuGoPet has donated thousands of dollars to rescue dogs out of kill shelters and to help find them happy homes. Every bag purchase helps an animal in need. With our "Buy a Bag, Save a Life" program, any ZuGoPet product purchase we donate to an animal rescue facility.
pet bag
For Dogs 14" and Smaller
  • The ZuGoPet Jetsetter is specifically made for dogs smaller than 16 inches.
  • Dogs from 14-20" inches you can still use the bag as a car seat distraction tether. Just open up the top of the bag so they can be positioned right next to you in the car.
Every Jetsetter Includes:
  • Jetsetter Premium Carrier (Vegan Faux Leather)
  • Safety Tether (Doubles as Hands Free Walking Leash)
  • Ultrasoft Flexible Washable Pillow
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Dimensions: 10" W x 16" L x 9" H (24.5cm x 40.6cm x 22.9cm)

  • What is the maximum pet weight & size? Maximum weight is 15 pounds
  • What is the maximum pet size? Be sure your pet is smaller than the bag so your furry friend will fit! Please measure your pet's length, from the nose to the behind (tail not included). They should not be longer than 14" so you can enclose them comfortably.
  • What colors are available? Currently we have 3 colors, black, grey and white.
  • How much does the bag weigh? The bag weighs 4 pounds.
  • How does this bag help with motion sickness and anxiety? This bag is like a mini dog cave. Some dogs simply feel more secure in confined surroundings. It also has the same effect as a hammock. No bottom support, conforms around your pets body to give a feeling of being cradled, hugged or held.
  • How do you clean the bag? To clean the exterior use a soft rag dampened with soap and water. The interior is made of an easy to clean water proof canvas material.
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